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splatt studios, llc

art, glass, one unique destination

our story begins in 2012

A class in glass. Groupon's are great for seeking new adventures. That's all it took and I was hooked. 


A glass kiln for sale. Hmmm, I can do this. With a year of pratice, I had a bowl. Create, explore, collect. Now I had art glass. But what to do with my pieces? Jewelry, wire, beads. Now another new skill. Wrap and twist, shape and form. Cool, I can do this.


Hey, how do I share? Folks like my creations. I know web, I know marketing. Lets begin!

I need help. Family to the rescue. We're a team now...

I'm Tracy Platt and have been learning the art of glass.

I have been creating exclusive one of a kind art pieces to flaunt on your person with jewelry or in your home as functional art.​

I'm Jackie Platt and have been learning the art of glass, also.

I tend to focus on mosaics, wire-work jewelry, and have taken up flamework. Also, upcycled items are in my repertoire.

I'm Natalie Platt and I create upcycled and repurposed items.

I like wine, therefore there are wine bottles that need new life in an innovative and functional style. Also, many items that would be junkey are now funkey under my hands.


"There is no substitute for effort, even if it fails"


John Schnabel


a division of splatt studios

Splatt Studios can work alongside you to develop all you need for your media. Whether it be a complete business branding or a simple business card, Splatt Studios can create what you wish. I strive to listen and evolve to your objective. I'll take care of things you might forget and provide pleasing resolutions for your media. I got your back, Jack! Contact me about projects and pricing.


While pictures are pretty and appealing, motion captivates your audience. Motion will entice the observer with reverie and take your enterprise to the next level.

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See all the motion. Experiance the animation. Get ideas

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